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I am not researching every individual to be found here. The reason they have been added, even though only  distantly connected, is that we have found how hard it is researching your family, trying to find that one link you  may be looking for. So we try to add as many names as we can, no matter how distantly connected, in the hope  that it may help others in their research. The majority of the individuals and information on these pages has been  sent to me by other people who have seen a connection and asked me if I wanted to add their information to this  site, I said yes. I took the information sent to me on face value, I have not researched it myself, so I do not  guarantee all of it is correct. It is impossible for me to ask every single person if they have any objection to being listed here.   We have done our best not to include personal information on these pages. We have done our best not to  include living individuals. If you find yourself mentioned here and would rather not then please contact me and I  will remove you.  
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